Cranial MRI

Cranial MRI

Cranial MRI services offered in Santa Clarita, CA

Headaches and other neurological symptoms may be the sign of a problem in your brain. The team at Total Imaging & Open MRI offers cranial MRI studies to the Santa Clarita, California community. Norman Pennington, MD, is an expert radiologist who provides specialized MRI studies if you have neurologic symptoms to get a quick and accurate diagnosis. If you require a cranial MRI, don’t hesitate to call the office or book an appointment online.

Cranial MRI Q & A

What is a cranial MRI?

A cranial MRI is an imaging study of your brain and related structures. Your brain is very complex, with an extensive network of blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissue. A sensitive type of imaging is needed to find problems in this area.

An MRI is the best diagnostic tool when you’re having symptoms of a neurologic issue. This is because of the test's sensitivity in detecting abnormalities and problems in your brain tissue.

When do I need a cranial MRI?

There are various reasons that you might need a cranial MRI. If you’re having symptoms of a stroke or a bleed in your brain, an MRI is best to detect these problems. Cranial MRIs diagnose acute symptoms related to your brain.

A cranial MRI is also used to evaluate treatment for existing conditions. An MRI can help evaluate several chronic conditions, including multiple sclerosis. It helps your medical team keep an eye on the disease and monitor treatment progress.

An MRI can also determine the cause of seizures or epilepsy. A cranial MRI is also used to monitor brain aneurysms, hydrocephalus, and brain tumors.


What should I expect during a cranial MRI?

A cranial MRI is typically performed as an outpatient exam. An outpatient exam means you can go home shortly after your MRI.

You’ll lay on the MRI table during the test. At Total Imaging & Open MRI, you’ll have the opportunity to use the open MRI for your cranial exam.

The only thing that differs from an MRI performed on any other body area is that a particular device is placed over and around your head. This device helps to keep your head still, so the images are accurate.

The entire exam takes about 45 minutes, and you’ll get your results within a day or two. If you need contrast, you’ll need an IV inserted so the MRI can detect even more detail during your scan.

What can a cranial MRI find?

A cranial MRI can find a number of issues and evaluate others. Some of the things a cranial MRI detects include:

  • Infections
  • Bleeding
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Cysts
  • Swelling
  • Blood vessel problems
  • Tumors

An MRI also detects spinal cord injuries and hormonal issues like Cushing’s disease. If you’re having symptoms of a neurological issue, an MRI is the best way to determine what’s going on.

To schedule a cranial MRI with the practice, call the office in Santa Clarita, California, today, or book your diagnostic study on the website.